Herbal consultations are a great way to explore deeper ways of healing together. A personal consultation can be done in-person, on Skype and Facetime, or over the phone. The first meeting generally lasts between 45 minutes and an hour and a half, and we go over your health history,  personal constitution, goals, and preferred herbal preparation. My therapeutic approach is from the perspective of traditional Western herbalism, with the foundation of my work coming from the rich history of folk herbalism in pre-industrial Europe and that of ancient Greek physicians. I believe in the power of the body to heal itself and that we can encourage that healing by supporting the health of our body systems and working with our self instead of against it. Depending on your preference, I will craft a formula specific to your body and needs, in the form of a tincture, tea, syrup, salve, oxymel and/or powder. Followup appointments are 30 minutes to 45 minutes, and gives us an opportunity to check in with how you are doing and helps identify places where the formula can be refined or changed.

For questions or to book a consultation you can email me at or call 650-279-4450.