Ecoprint gallery

Ecoprint is a technique where plants are placed on silk fiber, wrapped around a copper, iron, or aluminum pole and steamed in a hot water bath. I like to grind up nuts, roots, seeds, leaves and flowers and scatter them on the silk to make a natural watercolor effect. Herbs I have used for ecoprinting are: hollyhock flowers, coreopsis flowers, wind-fallen wild wolf lichen, black walnut hull, organic red & yellow onion skins, turmeric root, st. johns wort, hibiscus flower, mistletoe, redwood seeds, eucalyptus, and more. I highly recommend reading the book EcoColour by India Flint to learn more. Here are a few of the silk prints I have made:


IMG_1930IMG_1080img_26751IMG_1374IMG_1459IMG_1456IMG_1458IMG_1448IMG_1440IMG_1464 (1)IMG_1079IMG_1076IMG_0984