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About the soap

I make organic cold-pressed tallow soap with locally sourced ingredients. It is all made by hand in small batches with herbs I grow in the garden and harvest in the lands adjacent to where I live. The goats milk in the soap is from our La Mancha and Alpine goats, and the tallow is rendered from a local organic hog farm. I choose to make the soap with rendered fat because it is the most local oil available and because animal fats are the closest to our own skin, so the medicinal qualities in the soap absorb the best. Soap was mostly made of extra animal fats up until the industrial revolution, and now it is often not used, and goes to waste. I feel it is the most responsible oil to use in my soap, based on the devastation from clear cutting of tropical forests and mono-cropping of palm and coconut plantations. Only 100% pure lye is used in the saponification of the soap and all organic essential oils, with absolutely no synthetic fragrances or additives. Ingredients in all the soaps are simply: sweet goats milk, tallow, lye, locally cultivated or wild-harvested dried herbs, and organic essential oils.