About the Soap 

I make all organic cold-pressed goat milk soap with locally sourced ingredients. Made by hand in small batches this soap is completely bio-regionally based: the goats milk is from a local organic goat dairy, and the herbs I grow in the garden or harvest on the lands adjacent to where I live. As an herbalist, I wanted to incorporate real plants into the soap that support the health of our bodies.



Only 100% pure lye (made from wood ash) is used in the saponification of the soap, along with certified organic essential oils, with absolutely no synthetic fragrances, preservatives or additives. Ingredients in all the soaps are simply: sweet goats milk, organic coconut oil,organic olive oil, lye, locally cultivated or wild-harvested dried herbs, and organic essential oils.

Soaps I make include: 
Rose Geranium: Rose petals, calendula flowers, rose hips, lavender, comfrey leaf, rose geranium essential oil
Pine Fir Cedar: Cedar leaves, douglas fir tips, pine essential oil
Lemon Chamomile Poppyseed: Chamomile flowers, poppy seeds, lemon essential oil
Rosemary Mint: Mint leaves, Rosemary leaves and flowers, peppermint and rosemary essential oils
Lavender Sage: Lavender flowers, Sage leaves, sage & lavender essential oil
Bergamot Earl Grey: Bergamot and lavender essential oils, lavender and orange peel.

Other Soaps I’ve made:
Pumpkin Spice Bay Nut
Eucalyptus Bay Leaf
Burdock Vanilla Chai


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Rose Geranium Goat Milk Soap