2019 Workshops Offered

Eco-Printing with “Invasive” Plants Workshop

burl-socialThis workshop will offer an opportunity to explore the stories and traditional uses of abundant herbs and plants that grow among us. From a land-tending perspective we will discuss techniques for caretaking fire resilient native habitat, while learning how to harvest and use invasive species such as Eucalyptus, Acacia, St. John’s Wort and Yellow Dock for medicine, natural dye, and botanical eco-printing.

Each participant will create their own naturally dyed silk scarf from plants that grow locally. Using steam, hot water and natural mordant, we will print leaves, barks, flowers and roots onto silk to make beautiful, sustainable and wearable textiles. We will learn about 54462840_10156366626701701_8159495207272841216_n“reading” the landscape and developing a sense of place where we live, as well as practical ideas for natural medicine making and herbal healthcare.

The cost is $45/person. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Coastal Pomo Acorn Festival 2019. To register go to:





Past Workshops

September 29th- Dyeing Wool with Invasive Plants: Land Tending & Re-imagining Our Sense of Place

Join us to learn about harvesting plants for color using fire mimicry and wild-tending techniques. This workshop will include both hands-on and lecture portions as we go over techniques of caring for and rehabilitating oak savanna and coastal prairie ecosystems. We will discuss products and crafts that can be made from materials removed to enhance ecosystem health, and use naturalized “invasive” plant species to dye wool that can be used for felting, knitting, weaving and more. Each participant will leave with wool to use for their own projects, and a deeper understanding of various dyeing processes. Bring a bag lunch.

To register:

10-3, limited to 18, Ages 16 and up
$50 (members), $65 (non-members) + $15 materials
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Oct. 27th- Eco-printing on Silk 

Using leaves, flowers, vegetable skins, mushrooms, nut hulls and roots, we will naturally dye silk scarves. Eco-print is a technique where plants are placed on silk and wrapped around a copper, iron, or aluminum pole and steamed in a hot water bath. We will discuss using different dye mordants, harvesting and incorporating abundant local plant species, “recycling” food scraps by dyeing with them, and how to imprint the shape of plants onto fiber. Everyone will leave with a dyed silk scarf they make themselves. This class will include a short walk to identify particular plants, and classroom time designing and steaming our scarves. Please bring snacks or lunch for yourself.

10-2, Ages 16 and up, limited to 15
$50 (members), $60 (nonmembers) + $15 materials

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